Zoom (2001)


Zoom (2001) Synopsis

Wanda is a call girl living in Berlin. Though she doesn't know it, her shy neighbor Waller is constantly watching her through the viewfinder of his video camera. Waller uses the tapes to blackmail her customers, and regularly slips part of the proceeds into Wanda's mailbox. One day Wanda and Waller meet, by chance, in the hallway. When Waller tries to pry into her life, Wanda turns him away. She has enough problems of her own. Her husband is blackmailing her, using their son as a hostage to force her to turn tricks for him. But Waller persists, and when he finds out her story, he proclaims himself her guardian angel. He promises her a new, better life. The first thing he does is break her out of her life as a prostitute -- against her own will. Then he takes her on one final trip: together they pay visits to Wanda's former customers, one by one, and blackmail them again. This time, however, they demand a much higher price: for the better life they have in mind, they will need a lot of money.