Zone 39 Synopsis

A psychological thriller, backdropped by a surreal, futuristic desert landscape. Two remote outposts. Two border guard, far from human contact, yet not allowed to communicate. For those are the rules and the rules are inviolate. A fragile peace agreement is in place between the two warring nations of the future. Suspicion and tension abound. Boas, a young border guard, is young and naive. Megaw, the other border guard, is a battle-hardened man, haunted by tragedy. He almost embraces the madness of isolation with relief. Megaw and Boas are pawns in someone else's game. As they continue to bait each other, their games become more dangerous and, fuelled by his increasing reliance on the drug Novan, Megaw's tenacious hold on sanity slips. A drug-induced image of his dead wife, murdered because she threatened to expose a conspiracy, is his sole comfort.