Who Killed Bambi?


Who Killed Bambi? Synopsis

Isabelle is a naïve student nurse working in the surgical unit of a high-tech, very spartan, hospital, surrounded by a dark forest. Isabelle finds solace in, Véronique, her cousin who works in the same unit and lives in the nurses' dormitory overlooking the hulking hospital. Plagued with an inner-ear problem, which causes fainting spells and unsteadiness in her legs, the doe-eyed Isabelle comes to the attention of the cool Dr. Philipp who nicknames her with the unappreciated sobriquet "Bambi." Isabelle is increasingly puzzled by this dedicated surgeon who seems to haunt the hospital by day and night, and shows an unhealthy interest in her malaises--not to mention his female patients. As staff and patients begin to mysteriously disappear, she gradually suspects him of being a psychopath.