White Masai (Die Weisse Massai)


White Masai (Die Weisse Massai) Synopsis

Carola and her boyfriend Stefan have just spent their holidays in Kenya. Towards the end of their stay, they meet the handsome tribal warrior Lemalian. Lemalian is striking--his elaborate costume, his hairstyle and staggering height set him apart from all others in Kenya. Carola is taken with Lemalian and falls in love with him. After sending her boyfriend back to Switzerland alone, she begins her search for Lemalian, abandoning everything she knows. In her journey through the Kenyan landscape, Carola meets a German woman in a remote village, and the two become friends. There, she finds Lemalian again and follows him to his village, a community of cave dwellings that is entirely unlike the pristine Swiss environment she is used to. With incredible courage, she braves all obstacles and builds a new life for herself in Africa. But, what she felt was the biggest love of her life turns into an ordeal, an adventure between heaven and hell, a journey that takes her to her limits.