Where the Money Is

Where The Money Is Synopsis

When it comes to robbing banks, Henry Manning was the best of the best: admired by cops and robbers alike, a legend in his time. But that was before Henry started doing prison time, and before the stroke which has reduced old Henry to a vegetable - a drooling, catatonic, pathetic creature in need of round-the-clock nursing. While waiting for the construction of a new prison hospital to be complete, Henry is transferred to a nursing home for the elderly. There, he comes under the care of a nurse, Carol Ann McKay, a former prom queen whose wild ways of her youth have tamed considerably in the ten years since she married the local high school football star, Wayne. Carol begins to suspect that Henry's afflictions may not be quite as debilitating as the doctors and prison authorities are convinced when one day a pair of her panties inexplicably disappears. Carol and her husband secure permission to take Henry for a day's excursion away from the nursing home, and manage to crack the sly bankrobber's facade of helplessness.

Rated for some sexual content