Valley of Bones

Valley of Bones
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Valley Of Bones Synopsis

VALLEY OF BONES is an adventure/crime thriller about a passionate paleontologist who embarks on a journey through the badlands of western North Dakota to search for a potentially historic fossil, and in the process, finds herself involved in the dark side of the Bakken oil boom. As an ex-convict with a tarnished reputation, Anna finds it difficult to secure any meaningful work as a paleontologist. Soon, word reaches her that Wes McCoy, a recovering meth addict with unpaid debts to a drug cartel, has stumbled upon a large Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth the first piece to an ancient puzzle. Baited by the possibility of undoing past mistakes, Anna, along with her late husband's brother, is determined to find the rest of the fossil at all costs; even if it means making an alliance with McCoy. However, Anna's main obstacle is her relationship with her estranged ten-year-old son, Ezekiel. Torn between her passion and her son, she agrees to bring her boy along for the trip. What ensues is a thrilling adventure that ultimately tests whether the characters can move on from the pasts they're haunted by, or be consumed by them.

Rated R for violence, drug use, language and some nudity

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