Underclassman Synopsis

When a student at an elite private school gets murdered, the rough-edged rookie, Stokes gets assigned as the undercover detective to track down the killer. The resulting culture shock is only one of his difficulties. The ever-resourceful Stokes resorts to using his unique blend of sharkish good cheer and rakish charm to woo his beautiful teacher, Karen Lopez, to help him pass Spanish and his arrogant athletic prowess to make the school streetball team. Once Stokes gets "in" with the edgy team captain and lead suspect Rob Donovan, he discovers that Donovan is being coerced into participating in a student car theft operation. Using his talent for hunches, Stokes wastes no time employing unorthodox methods of investigation. Although disapproving of Stokes behavior, Captain Victor Delgado is worried for his safety and assigns two of his detectives as back up--Detective Lisa Brooks and Richard Gallecki to keep an eye on him. With their help, Stokes is able to track down the killer, Headmaster Powers, who turns out to be trading the stolen cars as payment for drugs.

Rated for violence, sexual references, drug material and some teen drinking

Underclassman Casts

Kelly Hu

Lisa Brooks

Shawn Ashmore

Rob Donovan

Roselyn Sánchez

Karen Lopez

Nick Cannon

Tracy 'Tre' Stokes

Cheech Marin

Captain Victor Delgado

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