True 1692 in 3D


True 1692 In 3 D Synopsis

The world’s most famous historical tale of witches comes to life in three dimensions! CinemaSalem and History Alive! have collaborated to create something brand new and unique in Salem: The True 1692, a 3D film which tells the true story of the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria of 1692. Historically-accurate, suspenseful, and emotionally-captivating, this new film immerses the audience in the dangerous realities of life in Salem Village at the end of the 17th Century and dramatically reveals the odd coincidence of forces, external and internal, which set in motion the tragedy of the witch trials. Filmed and edited entirely in 3D, and shot in some of the actual locations, this memorable film allows the viewer to re-enter the world of Salem of 1692, and to relive the most famous witch story in history.