Tokyo Ghoul (Tokyo Guru) (2017)

Tokyo Ghoul (Tokyo Guru) (2017)
7/10 NC-17

July 29, 2017 See More

Runtimes: 01 hr 59 min

Tokyo Ghoul (Tokyo Guru) (2017) Synopsis

Ken Kaneki (Masataka Kubota) is a university student. He becomes injured by Rize, a human eating ghoul. Ken is saved from the ghoul when a steel frame falls on Rize. They are both sent to the hospital. Ken receives an organ transplant from Rize and becomes a half ghoul.

Rated NC-17

Tokyo Ghoul (Tokyo Guru) (2017) Cast

Nozomi Sasaki

Kaya Irimi

Masataka Kubota

Ken Kaneki

Shunya Shiraishi

Nishiki Nishio

Yu Aoi

Rize Kamishiro

Yo Oizumi

Kureo Mado

Seika Furuhata

Yoriko Kosaka

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