Thumbsucker Synopsis

Dubbed \"the King Kong of oral obsessives\" by his hippie dentist, Justin Cobb is a 16-year-old desperate to find a way to break this embarrassing habit he has retained since infancy. His father, a former football star, tries to help by providing an antidotal cayenne-pepper cream and a healthy dose of fly-fishing. His mother, who works as a nurse helping the rich and famous sober up, seems more concerned with a fantasy romantic relationship with TV-star Don Johnson than with her son\'s problems. Hypnosis seems to work, but the problem surfaces in other forms from drug addiction to alcoholism.

Rated for drug/alcohol use and sexuality involving teens, language and a disturbing image.

Thumbsucker Casts

Andrew Lawrence

Theodore J. 'T.J.' Detweiler

Vince Vaughn

Mr. Geary

Tilda Swinton

Audrey Cobb

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