This Is Not an Exit-The Fictional World of Bret Easton Ellis


This Is Not An Exit The Fictional World Of Bret Easton Ellis Synopsis

A fascinating account of the media frenzy surrounding the publication of "American Psycho" and an insight into its author. Ellis talks about his motivation for the extreme accounts of sexual violence and mutilation in the novel-saying they came partly from his problems "being a young man with too much money in Manhattan"-and about how unprepared he was for the reaction of readers and critics who refused to distinguish between himself and his character. Ellis also reads passages from his novel "Glamorama" and his short stories "The Informers". Moving between Los Angeles, New York, and London, this engrossing documentary charts Bret Easton Ellis from precocious and alienated schoolboy to literary bete noire, moving to New York at the age of 23 to spend his massive earnings on parties. We see Ellis wondering through a department store denying autobiographical links to his characters while exclaiming at the price of designer suits, sitting at a bar with Jay McInerney reminiscing about how thrilling 1980's hedonism was, and discussing his work with writer Will Self.