They Came from Within (Shivers)

They Came from Within (Shivers)

October 10, 1975 See More

Runtimes: 01 hr 30 min

They Came From Within (Shivers) Synopsis

The residents of a suburban high-rise apartment building are being infected by a strain of parasites that turn them into mindless, sex-crazed fiends out to infect others by the slightest sexual contact.

Rated NR

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by John Chard

Disease is the love of two creatures for one and other. Shivers is written and directed by David Cronenberg. It stars Fred Doederlin, Paul Hampton, Lynn Lowry and Barbara Steele. Music is by Ivan Reitman and cinematography by Robert Saad. Montreal's Starliner... Read More

They Came From Within (Shivers) Casts

Barry Baldaro

Detective Heller

Vlasta Vrána

Kresimer Sviben

Joe Silver

Rollo Linsky

Lynn Lowry

Nurse Forsythe

Paul Hampton

Roger St. Luc

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