The Summit (La cordillera)

The Summit (La cordillera)
7/10 NR

August 17, 2017 See More

Runtimes: 01 hr 54 min

The Summit (La Cordillera) Synopsis

At a Latin American Presidents¬タル Summit in Chile where the region¬タルs alliances and geopolitical strategies are shaped, Hernᅢᄀn Blanco, the president of Argentina, lives a political and family drama. Through his son in law, he¬タルs implicated in a corruption case. On her father¬タルs call, Marina Blanco, attends the Summit to find protection, to earn time and to negotiate a way out. Once the thriller starts to build up, the film drifts towards a different direction: a search in their mutual past, as if in the past, a key to understand the significance of the exercise of power could be found. The history of a father versus that of his daughter. That past once calm and domestic, becomes a menacing element, almost fantastic, seen from the top of public life, seen from the Summit.

Rated NR

The Summit (La Cordillera) Casts

Dolores Fonzi

Marina Blanco

Elena Anaya

Claudia Klein

Ricardo Darín

Hernán Blanco, Hernᅢᄀn Blanco

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