Stolen Holidays (Les Petites Vacances) Synopsis

Director Olivier Peyron's French-language drama Les Petites vacances (AKA Stolen Holidays, 2006) observes the bizarre consequences that follow an eccentric and emotionally disturbed grandmother's decision to kidnap her grandchildren. French screen siren Bernadette Lafont (Fiancée du Pirate) stars as the sexagenarian Danièle, who agrees to drive her daughter's children, Thomas (Lucas Franchi) and Marine (Adèle Csech) out to the French Alps to visit their estranged father, Philippe (never pictured onscreen). When they arrive, however, the latter turns out not to be home; to stall, Danièle takes the children to a nearby resort with a lake and a hotel. Philippe eventually phones his former mother-in-law, but instead of going the predicted and acceptable route, by dropping the kids off at their father's, the elderly woman tosses her phone into the lake and carts the youngsters higher and higher into the mountains, on a trip to visit some of her old friends. To her chagrin, the frightened children soon rebel and begin making increasingly desperate attempts to reconnect with their dad.