Soul at Peace (Pokoj v dusi)


Soul At Peace (Pokoj V Dusi) Synopsis

Set against the majestic mountains of central Slovakia, first time director Vladimir Balko explores the difficulties and challenges one former inmate must face upon his release from prison. Tono has just been released after a five-year stint in prison for lumber theft. Although attempting to stay on the straight and narrow, Tono is faced with many obstacles including building a relationship with his son, saving his now fragile marriage, and avoiding the tempting lure of his previous life of crime. A story of friendship and betrayal, SOUL AT PEACE was an official selection at the prestigious Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.


Soul At Peace (Pokoj V Dusi) Casts

Robert Wiᅣルckiewicz

podnikatel Peter

Jaromír Hanzlík

strojvᅤᆵdce Smejkal, strojvůdce Smejkal

Helena Krajᅣヘiovᅢᄀ

Mária Pániková, Mᅢᄀria Pᅢᄀnikovᅢᄀ

ᅣᄑubo Roman

podnikatel Budaj

ᅣᄑubomᅢᆳr Pauloviᅣヘ

Bučkovský, Buᅣヘkovskᅢᄑ

Attila Mokoᅤᄀ

Tóno Pánik, Tᅢᄈno Pᅢᄀnik

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