Seven Chances (1925)

Seven Chances (1925)


March 11, 1925 See More

Runtimes: 00 hr 56 min

Seven Chances (1925) Synopsis

Told that he will inherit $7 million by 7 p.m. if he can get married in time, lovelorn lawyer Jimmie Shannon sets off on a wild bride-chase. The hilariously inventive comedy culminates with one of Buster Keaton's most renowned set pieces that finds him pursued through the streets of Los Angeles by a gaggle of wannabe-wives - as well as scores of massive, dislodged boulders.

Rated NR

Seven Chances (1925) Casts

Buster Keaton

James 'Jimmie' Shannon

Louise Carver

Prospective Bride Who Operates Crane (uncredited)

Julian Rivero

Barber (uncredited)

Jean Arthur

Miss Smith - Country Club Receptionist (uncredited)

Bartine Burkett

5th Chance: Country Club Girl (uncredited)

Jules Cowles

The hired hand

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