Second Awakening of Christa Klages


Second Awakening Of Christa Klages Synopsis

Three people rob a bank to help a day care center that's in debt. Wolf is captured, Werner identified, police suspect Christa is the third. She and Werner ask Hans, a clergyman, to launder the money and give it to the kindergarten. He refuses. They try Ingrid, Christa's friend, who tries to help, but the school rejects the money. When tragedy strikes Werner, Hans helps Christa bolt to a collective in Portugal. Ingrid visits her; their relationship makes the collective nervous, so she returns to Germany and ceases living in hiding. The police are still looking for her and so is a witness to the robbery, Lena, a bank clerk. Lena's interest brings Christa's second awakening.


Second Awakening Of Christa Klages Casts

Fritz Ley

Alter Mann aus Riga

Ulrich Von Dobschᅢᄐtz

Heinz, Ingrids Eheman

Erika Wackernagel

Mutter von Hans

Rosa Sämmer


Katharina Thalbach

Lena Seidlhofer

Tina Engel

Christa Klages

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