Rigoletto (1993)

Rigoletto (1993)
7/10 NR

January 1, 1993 See More

Runtimes: 01 hr 38 min

Rigoletto (1993) Synopsis

Things are not going well in the depression-era town of Castle Gate. Mr. Ribaldi, a mysterious rich man with a disfigured face and an abrasive personality, has just bought and moved into a long-vacant mansion. Bonnie, an adolescent girl who loves to sing, ends up working for Ribaldi so that her family can stay in their house. But Ribaldi is quite an accomplished musician himself, and he is soon giving Bonnie voice lessons. Meanwhile, local businesses are being shut down by foreclosures, and the townspeople suspect Ribaldi is responsible.

Rated NR

Rigoletto (1993) Casts

Ralph Herforth

Andreas Schier

Alwara Hᅢᄊfels

Tanja Grewe

Peter Lohmeyer

Professor Brehmer

Ugur Ekeroglu

Özgür 'Özzi' Delikaya, ᅢヨzgᅢᄐr 'ᅢヨzzi' Delikaya

Ruby O. Fee

Sophie Kellermann

Denis Moschitto

Harald Jakobs

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