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The R.M. is the story of Jared Phelps, a Mormon missionary returning home from his Latter-day Saint full-time mission. He is sure he'd be overly blessed for his dedication to missionary service-and he will be, just not the way he expects. Jared is a member of a large Latter-day Saint family-eleven kids (and one on the way) and has very loving, albeit distracted, parents. Jared's release date arrives and he returns to a family that forget he was coming home, a girlfriend who has found someone else, a slacker best friend that has plotted a different course, and a series of comedic events that will test his faith. This hilarious comedy and yet poignant story is based on experiences that many returned missionaries have experienced in some small way when returning to life after the mission. The R.M. allows audiences of all faiths to laugh out loud at peculiarities of post-mission life, while causing them to think deeply about what it means to choose the right.

Rated for some thematic elements

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Kirby Heyborne
Kirby Heyborne

Jared Phelps

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