Port of New York


Port Of New York Synopsis

This film tells the story of a customs and treasury agent out to stop the distribution of opium, that came in on a ship in the Port of New York but was smuggled off by drug dealers.


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by John Chard

Port in a Storm. Port of New York is directed by Laszlo Benedek and written by Eugene Ling. It stars Scott Brady, Richard Rober, Yul Brynner and K.T. Stevens. Music is by Sol Kaplan and cinematography by George Diskant. Two federal agents work to crack a gang... Read More

Port Of New York Casts

Yul Brynner

Paul Vicola

Scott Brady

Michael 'Mickey' Waters

Arthur Blake

Dolly Carney

Lynne Carter

Lili Long

K. T. Stevens

Toni Cardell

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