On Guard! Synopsis

Set in the early 18th century, Lagardere is the trusted friend and bodyguard to the multi-titled and wealthy Nevers. Word comes from afar that Nevers has an heir and resolves to marry the mother and raise what he assumes will be a son. The villain Gonzague conspires to slaughter Nevers, the woman, Blanche, and the child. An expert swordsman, Nevers is known to possess the "Nevers Thrust," a flashy, foolproof technique for skewering an opponent between the eyes. Only Lagardere knows the secret. Gonzague, however, fatally stabs Nevers in the back, forcing him, in his dying breath, to entrust Lagardere with the infant. Lagardere takes refuge with the child--who turns out to be a girl--raising her amongst a group of actors and puppeteers. Aurore believes Lagardere is her father and when the performers hit Paris 16 years later, Lagardere puts his revenge plot against Gonzague in motion.