Night at the Roxbury


Night At The Roxbury Synopsis

It may have taken the Butabi Brothers seven years to graduate high school, but by now they\'ve realized there\'s more to life than working in their father\'s silk plant store. Their goal is to get into L.A.\'s #1 night spot -- the elegant Roxbury Club -- and become movers and shakers in today\'s happening night club scene. Steve and Doug are determined to prove that for the first time in their lives, they are really worth something. They set out to prove their manhood by going through the ultimate rite of passage, getting into the A-club -- the Roxbury -- and maybe, someday, even running a club of their own. But they\'re not on the Roxbury\'s guest list, so Doug and Steve are stuck on the sidewalk -- as Doug complains, \"A-club people leading a B-club life\" -- until they roll into a fender bender with a club regular, litigation-phobic actor Richard Grieco, who escorts them right into the Roxbury! They make contact with the Roxbury\'s successful and influential owner, Mr. Zadir, who agrees to a meeting to discuss their \"bound-to-happen\" concepts for new clubs. That same night at the Roxbury, Doug and Steve get picked-up by a pair of fortune-hunters, Cambi and Vivica, who mistake them for fat cats.

Rated for sex related humor, language and some drug content

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by TopKek

1998's attempted Saturday Night Live skit-to-movie adaptation is not so much a movie, but more like just a short, 81 minute series of skits that are almost completely right out of the show, so it's more like just watching a greatest hit's collection of the skits fr... Read More

Night At The Roxbury Casts

Will Ferrell

Steve Butabi

Michael Clarke Duncan

Roxbury Bouncer

Eva Mendes


Jennifer Coolidge

Hottie Cop

Chazz Palminteri

Benny Zadir

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