Next Stop, Wonderland


Next Stop, Wonderland Synopsis

Set in Boston, the film centers around Erin, a night-shift nurse who has been dumped by her activist boyfriend and has since become cranky, cynical and monastic. Erin's overbearing mother is determined to help her find a man, so she places a personal ad for her in the local newspaper. Erin is appalled and refuses to cooperate until, in a moment of weakness, she checks her messages - all 62 of them! A sequence of comically nightmarish dates ensues. Meanwhile, across town is Alan, an ambitious ex-plumber struggling to fulfill his dream of becoming a marine biologist. Alan is juggling numerous problems of his own: a seductive classmate, a narcissistic brother, a father with a gambling problem, and his own incurable debt that won't go away. As Alan searches for a way out, Erin searches for the right man. Fate pushes their parallel stories further and further apart, until...

Rated For language

Next Stop, Wonderland Casts

Holland Taylor

Piper Castleton

Hope Davis

Erin Castleton

Alan Gelfant

Alan Monteiro

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