Necessities Of Life (Ce Qu'il Faut Pour Vivre) Synopsis

In 1952, a hunter named Tivii with tuberculosis leaves his northern home and family and seeks treatment at a Sanatorium in Quebec City. In a foreign world where he doesn't speak the language and is far from his loved ones, he becomes despondent. When he starts speaking of suicide, his nurse, Carole, begins to understand that Tivii's illness is not the most serious threat to his life. She arranges to have a young orphan named Kaki transferred to the institution. Even though Kaki is also sick, he still has experience with both worlds and speaks both languages. Tivii and Kaki share their cultures with each other, and slowly, Tivii rediscovers his pride and energy. Ultimately, he makes a plan to adopt Kaki and bring him home with him to make him part of his family, since he is the one who gave him his hope back.