Mystery, Alaska


Mystery, Alaska Synopsis

The remote and isolated Mystery, Alaska-a little town on the outskirts of greatness--- may look cold and unexciting from the outside, but inside, behind closed doors, Mystery has all the sex scandals, hidden secrets, prying eyes and political hypocrisies of any urban den of iniquity. And, it has a darn good hockey team. In a town where everybody knows everybody else's business, a human interest story in a national magazine suddenly thrusts the village into the world spotlight. When the town's amateur hockey team accepts the challenge of a face-off against the New York Rangers, the entire population must put petty rivalries behind them and prove there is no mystery, in Hollywood Pictures' drama, "Mystery, Alaska."

Rated for language and sexuality

Mystery, Alaska Casts

Russell Crowe

John Biebe

Burt Reynolds

Judge Walter Burns

Mike Myers

Donnie Shulzhoffer

Adam Beach

Galin Winetka

Ron Eldard

'Skank' Marden

Mary Mc Cormack

Donna Biebe

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