Mumbai Xpress


Mumbai Xpress Synopsis

It was a lot of money. They had a plan, an ingenious one. Burt, they were short one man. They chose one. He had a strange nameÂ… Mumbaixpress. But, that was his working name. His original name was Avinash. He no more wanted to flirt with crime. He wanted to be law abiding. Unfortunately, the only law he could abide by was Murphy's Law: "If something can go wrong, it will." And, with Avinash, oh boy! Does it go wrong!


Mumbai Xpress Casts

Om Puri

Inspecter SP Rao

Kamal Haasan

Avinash (Mumbai Xpress)

Rakhi Sawant

Special Apperance ("Aila Re" song)

Raza Murad

SP Rao's father-in-law

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