Mr. Accident Synopsis

Roger Crumpkin, the most accident-prone human being on the the planet, is also the mild-mannered maintenance man at the Natural Egg Company. One day the managing director, Mr. Chatswood, mysteriously disappears and is replaced by his unscrupulous nephew, Duxton Chevalier, who has a shady scheme to make the company world famous and himself incredibly rich. Being a walking disaster zone hasn't done Roger any favors with women, who run a mile from this human hurricane. But when Roger meets Sunday Valentine, a dizzy blonde with a prodigious intellect, his personal life takes a turn for the better. Until, that is, Roger discovers Sunday is on the run from her abusive boyfriend, who turns out to be none other than the villainous Chevalier. Convinced that Chevalier is up to no good, the unlikely sleuths start investigating Mr. Chatswood's disappearance, but the evidence they uncove suggests that Chevalier is not just bad, he's downright evil.

Rated for language, crude humor, and some sexuality