Mini's First Time


Mini's First Time Synopsis

"Mini's First Time," starring Nikki Reed, proves that having it all comes at a steep price. Mini has a deep loathing for her embittered gold digging mother, Diane (Carrie-Anne Moss). But, Mini has an idea: she is going to follow in the footsteps of her dear mother and get what she wants, when she wants it. The first and most important step is becoming the apple of her very rich stepfather's (Alec Baldwin) eye. With a little coaxing, she persuades him that life would be a lot more fun without mom around.

Rated for strong sexual content, language, drug use and a scene of violence

Mini's First Time Casts

Alec Baldwin

Martin Tennan

Jeff Goldblum

Mike Rudell

Carrie Anne Moss

Diane Droggs Tennan

Nikki Reed

Minerva 'Mini' Droggs

Luke Wilson

Det. Dwight Garson

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