Mayerling (1936)

Mayerling (1936)

January 31, 1936 See More

Runtimes: 01 hr 36 min

Mayerling (1936) Synopsis

The film establishes Rudolph is a rebellious "man of the people", at eternal odds with his despotic father, Emperor Franz Joseph. To keep him quiet and out of trouble, Rudolph is forced into an arranged marriage, and surrounded by Hapsburg informers and spies. In an effort to escape this oppressive atmosphere, a disguised Rudolph dashes off to a fair, where he meets the beauteous 17-year-old Marie. Thus begins an illicit romance, which the lovers try vainly to keep secret from the prying eyes of the Emperor's flunkeys.

Rated NR

Mayerling (1936) Casts

Jean Dax

L'empereur Franᅢᄃois-Joseph, L'empereur François-Joseph

Charles Boyer

Marie Vetsera

Danielle Darrieux

Marie Vetsera

Yolande Laffon

L'archiduchesse Stéphanie, L'archiduchesse Stᅢᄅphanie

Suzy Prim

La comtesse Larisch

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