Max Keeble's Big Move


Max Keeble's Big Move Synopsis

Seventh grade. Junior high. A rite of passage every twelve-year-old looks forward to with that bittersweet mixture of anticipation and loathing. For paperboy Max Keeble, seventh grade means a chance at a new beginning and an opportunity to reinvent himself and start over. But he soon realizes that seventh grade will just be business as usual: he's got not one but two schoolyard bullies after him; the principal is out to get him; and as if that weren't enough, he's got an evil ice cream man on his tail. But then Max's mom and dad drop the bomb: he's moving to a new city in a week! Emboldened by the fact that he'll be relocated soon, and rather than put up with the normal routine of the school, he begins an all-out plan for retaliation on all the bullies who have picked on him. After creating a week of mayhem, Max finds out he's not moving after all and must face up to the consequences of his actions.

Rated for some bullying and crude humor

Max Keeble's Big Move Casts

Nora Dunn

Lily Keeble

Larry Miller

Principal Elliot T. Jindraike

Alex D. Linz

Max Keeble

Noel Fisher

Troy McGinty

Nick Albert

Eighth Grader In Gym

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