Matter Of Size (Sipur Gadol) Synopsis

A group of fat people from the Israeli city of Ramla get fed up with diets and the diet workshops they have been forced to attend. They leave it and discover the world of sumo, where fat people rule. Where fat is honored and appreciated. Through sumo they are connecting to themselves and to their fat body, each one in his own way. Herzl an obese guy, starts to work as a dish washer in a Japanese restaurant in Israel. Herzl learns about the world of Sumo through Kitano, his restaurant manager, who was a Sumo coach in Japan and escaped to Israel, after he had a problem with the Yakuza. Herzl falls in love with the Sumo world and wants Kitano to be the Sumo coach of his obese friends that gave up their diet. "A Matter of Size" is a movie about a group of over weight people coming into their own and about their ability to accept their fatness learn to love themselves and relate to their body through the world of sumo.