Mating Habits of the Earthbound Humans


Mating Habits Of The Earthbound Humans Synopsis

Have you ever watched a documentary on the bizarre mating practices of some species of animal and wondered how human beings would measure up? With all the intricacies of the modern human mating dance, fraught with so many opportunities for miscues and failures, it's amazing that any of us get together at all, let alone mate and reproduce. That's the premise of this romantic comedy. a quirky, irreverent and unique "mockumentary" look at sexual attraction, love, single life, and dating in the late nineties as seen through the eyes of a misinformed, though completely authoritative extra-terrestrial narrator. The film follows The Male (Mackenzie Astin) and The Female (Carmen Electra), from their introduction ritual at the sacred meeting ground--an L.A. night club--through the complex, mysterious pre-mating rituals we all know, yet none of us seem able to master. Primordial first dates, the eternal quest for peer approval, and the dreaded parental introductions. Everything seems to go wrong as the male and female navigate the timeless maze of emotions, expectations and pain on the way to love and marriage. And in the end maybe they'll even end up where this journey was supposed to take them--parenthood and the perpetuation of this crazy species.

Rated for strong sexuality and language