Man of the Year (1996)


Man Of The Year (1996) Synopsis

In 1992, Dirk Shafer was chosen Playgirl Magazine's "Man of the Year," the object of adoration for millions of women. The only catch was that Dirk was actually gay, and his appointment forced him to live a lie in order to promote the magazine. Blurring the boundary between truth and fiction with a mix of documentary footage and tongue-in-cheek reenactments, the movie follows Dirk through the ups and downs of his tenure. Dirk maintained his heterosexual charade with the help of his best friend, Vivian Paxton, who pretended to be his girlfriend. He worked the talk show circuit; staged autograph signings for his adoring fans; listened to women's fantasies as the host of a romance phone line; and spent Valentine's Day with the lucky winner of Playgirl's Win-a-Date contest. Meanwhile, Dirk's real-life lover, Mike, was growing increasingly frustrated in the role of the "roommate." And at the same time, a militant group became determined to "out" him on national television.