Lush Synopsis

Lionel 'Ex' Exley, the film version of archetypal rogue adventurer in the mold of a Don Quixote or Tom Jones, has managed to drink his way off the PGA Tour. After a short stop in prison for accompanying transgressions, he makes way his back to his original habitat, New Orleans. There, after retrieving his clubs from his ex-caddie and renting seedy digs in a crummy St. Charles Street hotel, Lionel pals up with a persistently suicidal lawyer, W. Firmin Carter (Jared Harris), and begins a dedicated drinking binge that takes him to fancy soirees, country club lunches, and jazzy dives down by the railroad tracks. The wild ride doesn't end until his new-found buddy Firmin has disappeared, and Lionel is suspected of engineering his demise.

Rated for language and some substance abuse

Lush Casts

Emily Watson

Natalia Katkov

Geraldine James

Vera, Natalia's Mother

John Turturro

Aleksandr Ivanovich 'Sascha' Luzhin

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