Luck by Chance


Luck By Chance Synopsis

The fantasy sellers and the devoted audience, the insane love for cinema mixed with the eccentric notion of divinity and archaic beliefs--these are the contradictions that keep this world spinning. The stark reality of living in India juxtaposed with the fantastical world depicted on screen suddenly begins to make sense "Luck By Chance" is about a slice of Bollywood life, in which Kismet plays a huge role. Here, notions of superstition, fate and destiny underline every life, as grand desires and opportunity converge to form strange patterns. In such an unpredictable climate, is success and failure what others define for you or is it something you decide for yourself? This is a contemporary tale set in a world desperate to escape its own reality.

Rated NR

Luck By Chance Casts

Shah Rukh Khan

Himself - Actor

Aamir Khan


Alyy Khan


Saurabh Shukla

Acting Teacher

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