Lost and Delirious


Lost And Delirious Synopsis

Mouse Bradford has just arrived at Perkins Girls College and has left behind her father, stepmother and the small town where she grew up. Her two senior roommates, the striking, sharp-witted Paulie and the charming and beautiful Tory, quickly adopt Mouse. Mouse has lost her mother, Paulie has lost the parents who gave her up for adoption and Tory is losing herself to fit her parents' expectations. The three become inseparable. Paula, Tori and Mouse are determined to maintain their individuality against the backdrop of their private girls' school. When Paula and Tori are found to be lovers, Mouse is caught in the role of accomplice and confessor; and is left torn between her two friends.

Rated for strong sexual content involving teens, and language

Lost And Delirious Casts

Piper Perabo

Pauline 'Paulie' Oster

Mischa Barton

Mary 'Mouse' Bedford

Graham Greene

Joe Menzies

Jackie Burroughs

Fay Vaughn

Luke Kirby

Jake Hollander

Emily Van Camp

Allison Moller

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