Living Out Loud


Living Out Loud Synopsis

Judith Nelson has lived the life of a wealthy, 5th Avenue doctor's wife. But after her husband leaves her for a younger woman, she is left alone in the silence of her plush Co-op -- a silence filled with memories and frustrations. When her isolation is interrupted by a chance and fleeting romantic encounter, Judith sees the world as if through new eyes, if only temporarily. One of the first things she "sees" is her elevator operator, Pat -- a familiar yet nameless face -- and discovers he has a life filled with loss and dreams beyond his invisible daily job. Together, they confide in and console each other. Inspired by two short stories from Anton Chehkov, Living Out Loud is the story of the unlikely bond that Pat and Judith form.

Rated for language, and for some drug content and sexuality

Living Out Loud Casts

Rachael Leigh Cook

Teenage Judith

Queen Latifah

Liz Bailey

Elias Koteas

The Kisser

Danny De Vito

Pat Francato

Holly Hunter

Judith Moore

Martin Donovan

Robert Nelson

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