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Little Nicky is a shy and awkward guy with a penchant for heavy metal music and two bullies for older brothers. And another thing, Little Nicky is the son of the Devil and lives in Hell. When Dad decides not to make his brothers the heir to his evil throne, they go to New York, hell-bent on creating their own Hell on Earth. In the process, they disrupt the natural order of things causing Nicky\'s Dad, The Devil, to lose his power and slowly die. With no other options, the weakening Devil orders his beloved, but feeble son Nicky to leave his sheltered life in Hell for the mean streets of New York. With the fate of the planet resting on his shoulders, a nervous Nicky and his guide (a foul-mouthed, talking dog) must find Nicky\'s brothers, overcome their formidable powers, and restore the balance between Good and Evil.

Rated for crude sexual humor, some drug content, language and thematic material

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