Kung Fu Hustle


Kung Fu Hustle Synopsis

In Shanghai in the '30s, times are dangerous and gangs rule the streets. The most notorious of these, the Axes, strike fear into the hearts of honest citizens and inspire admiration in one young wannabe. One day, in a slum on the outskirts of town, he wreaks havoc when he recklessly poses as an Axe member and causes a veritable riot between the real gang members and the denizens of a housing project who just so happen to be strangely well versed in the art of kung fu.

Rated R for sequences of strong stylized action and violence

Fan Reviews

by John Chard

Quite an experience, and in a great way as well! Went into this one totally blind as to its contents, truth is, is that I was mooching round the shops yesterday and came across an Asian triple pack DVD at a bargain price, since one of the films was Jet Li starr... Read More

Kung Fu Hustle Casts

Yuen Wah


Yuen Qiu


Xing Yu

Coolie - 12 Kicks of Tam School

Lam Suet

Axe Gang Vice General

Tenky Tin Kai Man

Axe Gang Advisor

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