Kiss The Bride (2002) Synopsis

Three radically different sisters, from an Italian-American family, return home to Rhode Island for the wedding of their traditional sister, Danni. Eldest of the four daughters Niki returns from L.A. where her aspirations of stardom have landed her on a Baywatch-style TV cop show. Chrissy, a top trader on Wall Street, is psychologically trapped in the shadow of her older sister. Baby of the bunch Toni is a rebel, singing punk songs in seedy bars with her girlfriend, whom she introduces to the family with in-your-face abandon upon arrival. Reunited, the girlsÂ’ insecurities and anxieties come to the fore, egged on by infantile jealousies and their father SantoÂ’s seemingly universal disapproval.

Rated for language, some drug use and brief nudity