Killers (1999)


Killers (1999) Synopsis

Killer's is the name of a Far Rockaway tavern owned by Mary Killoran with her brother Jimmy, the pair also maintain lodging in upstairs apartments. When Jimmy becomes arrears for ten grand in gambling debt to crime kingpin Robert Fitzgerald, "Bobby-Fitz". Bobby's operation also includes prostitution and loan sharking, in addition to illegal gambling. Bobby assumes Jimmy's half of the bar. However, Mary will not sell her portion to Bobby, thereby foiling his plan for using the establishment to launder mob money. An undercover narcotics officer is murdered, with evidence implicating Bobby-Fitz as the shooter, and when the slain lawman's partner, played by Hugh O'Gorman, tries to take revenge while becoming a bartender at the tavern, a violent showdown is right around the corner. During the film virtually every character is shot, beaten, stabbed, or bludgeoned.