Karobaar Synopsis

Amar is a middle class young man studying law. He stays with his stepbrother and sister-in-law who are always complaining of him being a burden on them. Amar meets Seema who comes from the same background as him. They fall in love and all seems to be going well, till they, meet Rajiv. Rajiv is a rich businessman who believes that everything and everybody can be bought at a price. Rajiv is Amar's friend and he had hired him in his advertising agency. When Rajiv meets Seema, he immediately makes an advance, which is rudely rebuffed by Seema's love. Amar and Seema get married thinking that once Rajiv comes to know of their marriage he will forgo his plans. But in a period of financial crisis Seema has to turn to Rajiv to save Amar's life. Rajiv makes a deal that he will give the money but in return Seema would have to stay with him. Seema has no way out and she says yes to Rajiv's offer. Seeing Seema's devotion for her husband, Rajiv is moved to realize nothing can buy love. Rajiv comes to the rescue of Amar and Seema only to find that his show of benevolence had created a misunderstanding between the husband and wife. Rajiv now takes it upon himself to set their world right.