Kadhal Sadugudu Synopsis

Chithambaram (Prakash Raj), an important man in the village. He is an adamant character who always sticks on to his decisions. When the temple festival starts, Kausalya (Priyanka) goes to her grandfather's house to celebrate. There she meets Suresh (Vikram) and they fall in love. Meanwhile, Chithambaram gets into many conflicts with Suresh, not even knowing who the other was. Therefore, Chithambaram ends up with a very negative opinion of Suresh. One day everyone in Kausalya's grandfather's's home find out that Suresh and Kausalya are in love by seeing Suresh pressing Kausalya's sweating navel thereby tasting her lips and as she is unable to stop him as she has applied mehandi on her hands. On seeing this they try to get Chithambaram (Kausalya's father) to agree to the wedding. He, however stubbornly sticks to his decision that the marriage should not take place.