Jerry Springer: Ringmaster


Jerry Springer: Ringmaster Synopsis

Meet Connie Zorzak, a thirty-something soap opera junkie who works at the local donut shop in Dade City, Florida. She's been suspecting foul play between her husband Rusty and her daughter Angel for quite some time. Angel is 19 and nothing like her name. Though she is about to tie the knot with the naive and slightly slow Willie, Angel divides her extra curricular sexual activity between the male guests of the motel where she works as a chambermaid, and her stepfather whether her mother is home or not. But Connie is on to them. They don't make the walls of a trailer as thick as they used to. When Connie sets her trap and catches Rusty and Angel in the suspected compromising postion, she gets back at her daughter by seducing her fiancee. Then she confronts everyone. She books her guilt-ridden husband, her unrepentant daughter and the unsuspecting and reluctant Willie on The Jerry Show. That'll teach 'em.

Rated for strong sexual content and language