It's the Rage


It's The Rage Synopsis

A rich cross-section of Urban, USA find their lives changed when their fates collide at gunpoint. At the center of it all are Helen and Warren Harding, an up-scale couple on the brink of divorce, whose awakening in the night by a burglar sets off a catalytic series of events. In the wake of their separation, Helen finds herself employed by Mr. Morgan, an eccentric, paranoid computer billionaire who needs someone to "keep the input out." Meanwhile, Warren consults an adulterous lawyer and finds himself pursued by a disillusioned cop. Their lives also cross paths with a jilted film buff, a poetic video store manager and a street urchin and her protector/brother. Through a series of comic coincidences and unavoidable incidents, each of these strangers, lovers and acquaintances find themselves on one side or the other of incendiary conflicts that have unexpected consequences. The result is a film that explores with humor and high intenisty the frayed reality of the contemporary semi-automatic society.