Hum To Mohabbt Karega Synopsis

Can a waiter ever dream of falling in love with a popular TV Reporter? Raju, a waiter at 'Sanman Hotel' dares to. Even if Geeta Kapoor a big time crime reporter at Channel 2001, won't give him a second glance, he would still love her. "Hum To Mohabbat Karega" is Raju's philosophy. The closest Raju could ever get to Geeta was to stand amongst the crowd of autograph hunters outside the TV studio. The rest is all a fantasy. Until one day, he opens the door and finds Geeta at his doorstep asking for him. Geeta is investigating a murder case, and Raju coincidentally served the dead man his last meal. Geeta has come to him hoping that she could find some clues about the killer. Raju can't believe his good fortune. Though he knows nothing about the killer, Raju happily lies, claiming to be an eyewitness to the murder. Just so he could stop her from leaving. She wants to interview him in front of the camera. One more lie follows - to escape the interview, but Geeta is hell bent on taking him to the studio. Raju quickly succumbs to Geeta's charms, and agrees to do the interview. The roller coaster ride begins. The Mafia - the men behind the murder are watching this interview. They want him dead. The Police reach the TV studio, and take him into safe custody. Raju lies again to the police about the description of the killer, and at Geeta's behest unwittingly gives the description of his best friend, Kutti. Now the Mafia is after him, his friend is in danger, and he himself is a captive to Geeta's charms. Raju dared to dream. Now can he survive the nightmare his lies have weaned?