Hui Buh: The Castle Ghost


Hui Buh: The Castle Ghost Synopsis

Film that mixes live action and animation, from Hui Buh, a character created in 1969 by Eberhard Alexander-Burgh author and star of a radio series and book series popular in the 70s. Hui Buh takes over 500 years in the castle of Burgeck as officially licensed only ghost to scare. The problem is that not too good at his job and you can not scare anyone. Things get complicated when King Wedding spoils Julius and Leonora, causing the King to destroy the license and the ghost Hui Buh run out of power. To recover will have to pass a special examination in two days or disappear forever.


Hui Buh: The Castle Ghost Casts

Heike Makatsch

Leonora Gräfin zu Etepetete, Leonora Grᅢᄂfin zu Etepetete

Hans Clarin


Karel Vᅢᄀvrovec

Dekorateur 1

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