Hotel du Nord (1938)

Hotel du Nord (1938)
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December 29, 1940 See More

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Hotel Du Nord (1938) Synopsis

On the banks of Canal Saint-Martin in Paris, 1938. As the residents of the family-run Hôtel du Nord celebrate a first-communion lunch, a young couple named Renée and Pierre arrive, planning a double suicide. Pierre wounds Renée. Unable to kill himself, he escapes into the night and gives himself up. Local pimp Edmond finds and keeps Pierre's gun. To Edmond's delight, the benevolent hotel managers the Lecouvreurs take Renée in as a maid although his partner, the prostitute Raymonde, is not pleased. Two crooks come looking for Edmond, who betrayed them when he was their accomplice. Raymonde covers up for him. Renée and Edmond elope to Marseilles en route to Port-Saïd, but Renée runs back to the hotel. Raymonde is now with Prosper. When the crooks return, she betrays Edmond. During the celebrations on Bastille Day, Edmond reappears. He hands Pierre's gun to his former associate, who shoots him. Pierre comes out of jail. He and Renée leave the Hôtel du Nord together.

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Hotel Du Nord (1938) Casts

René Bergeron




Jane Marken

Louise Lecouvreur

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