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Runtimes: 2hr 7m

Hostiles Synopsis

In 1892, a legendary Army captain reluctantly agrees to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family through dangerous territory.

Rated R

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by John Chard

I've killed everything that's walked or crawled. If you do it enough, you get used to it. Hostiles is directed by Scott Cooper and Cooper adapts the screenplay from the story written by Donald E. Stewart. It stars Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, Wes Studi, Rory C... Read More

Hostiles Cast

Christian Bale

Captain Joseph J. Blocker

Rosamund Pike

Rosalie Quaid

Timothée Chalamet

Private Philippe DeJardin

Stephen Lang

Colonel Abraham Biggs

Brian Duffy

Silas Lounde

Ben Foster

Sergeant Charles Wills

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