Helpless (Hoa-cha)

Helpless (Hoa-cha)
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Helpless (Hoa Cha) Synopsis

A woman suddenly disappears. Her fiance then sets out to find her and, in the process, uncovers layers of dark hidden secrets. One month prior to Moon-Ho and Sun-Young's wedding, they take a road trip to Andong. Moon-Ho plans to formally introduce his fiance to his parents. Along the way to Andong, they pull over at a highway rest stop. Moon-Ho goes inside, while Sun-Young waits in the car. When Moon-Ho arrives back at his car, he discovers that his fiance has now completely disappeared. Frantic, Moon-Ho looks all over the rest stop and then files a missing person report with the police. Moon-Ho then drives back to Seoul and goes to Sun-Young's small studio apartment. Inside her apartment, Moon-Ho discovers that her apartment has been completely emptied. Moon-Ho then receives a phone call...


Helpless (Hoa Cha) Casts

Kim Min Hie

Kyeong-Seon Cha

Lee Sun Kyun

Moon-ho Jang

Kim Min Jae

Han Moon-ho's friend

Yang Eun Yong

Ki-tae's wife

Duek Mun Choi

Ha Seong-sik

Kim Tae In

Park Myeong-sin

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